Josh - Founder

Josh Essery, Founder

Enviro Straws UK are an organisation with a passion for preserving our planet by sourcing eco-friendly alternatives to one time plastic items.


Our founder has witnessed first hand, the devastation plastic has and is continuing to have on our eco systems. As a result of this, it is our mission to promote sustainable and eco-friendly products, raising awareness of reusable alternatives and encouraging people and businesses to make the switch from plastic to more sustainable alternatives.

Enviro Straws UK began sourcing and selling bamboo straws in the UK, importing our straws from a sustainable farm in Java, Indonesia and supplying cafes, bars and small businesses.


Following from the bamboo straws we built relationships with farmers growing and manufacturing a range of different products such as bamboo shavers, combs, pens and more. 


We now have customers from the UK,  Europe, USA and Asia stocking and using our products. This helps them or their business reduce their plastic waste.