Enviro Straws UK are an organisation with a passion for preserving our planet by sourcing eco-friendly alternatives to one time plastic items.


Our founder has witnessed first hand the devastation plastic has and is continuing to have on our eco systems. As a result of this, it is our mission to promote sustainable and eco-friendly products, raising awareness of reusable alternatives and encouraging people to make the switch.


We offer reusable and sustainable items for both household and industrial use.  We can offer all our products with your company name, logo or branding, making it unique to your business. 

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Gemma Sutton, Customer from

Liverpool, UK

"I love love love our bamboo straws. I bought the family pack of four straws and two cleaners. My daughter takes hers everywhere and is now aware of the impact plastic has on our planet. Thanks and keep up the great work Enviro Straws UK."

Bethany Cammack, Miss Scuba UK

"I chose to use EnviroStrawsUK because i found they were the most reasonable priced and came with background information about where the straws are made etc. I have used Enviro Straws myself in the past and I thought the girls would really benefit from the reusable straw instead of a single use plastic straw. The straws are amazing and can last very long if you look after them"

Kate, Owner of

"Enviro Straws are absolutely wonderful. They were one of the first products I added to my eco friendly shop. I also receive so much positive feedback from my customers" 

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